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Extra-Large Advertising

A new era of outdoor advertising has arrived in Alamance County! Large and attention-grabbing billboards can reach thousands of your potential customers at efficient rates every day. Billboards are an essential element to outdoor advertising and a perfect complement to other advertising forms; such as TV, web and radio. Billboards are consistently up-to- date and display advertisements with vivid colors that make them hard to miss.

With multiple locations along Alamance County highways, these billboards are easily visible to passing vehicles. Businesses in Burlington, Mebane, Elon, Gibsonville and beyond can benefit from the outdoor advertising advantages.

Billboards Available Throughout Alamance County and Beyond…

Advertising Campaigns As Short As One Week

Billboard Benefits

One of the things we all have in common is that we all drive or at least commute in some way. The people in your area drive, as well as vehicles passing through the vicinity. With all of these passerby’s, billboards have a way of getting noticed just because of their size. They give businesses the opportunity to stay fresh in the mind of the public. Outside of the internet and TV, billboards provide the largest source of visibility. We make sure the designs and colors add to the appeal, allowing Alamance Billboard customers to impact everyone who sees them.

This kind of reach doesn’t come cheap in the world of advertising, but billboards are a bargain in comparison to the rest. With low costs per impression and high visibility your investment will yield positive returns. Ad campaigns can be as short as a week, which allows for you and your business to do multiple billboards in a month if you choose. We all go outdoors, so make sure your business is clearly seen with Alamance Billboards.

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